2020 Production and itinerary

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The story begins with the marriage of Dectire to Sualtim and the birth of Setanta in Dún Dealgan.  He is cared for and educated there by Dethcaen, a nurse and druid.  Setanta’s childhood was not a happy one and we see how he bravely learns to overcome his many trials and tribulations.  Setanta finally leaves Dún Dealgan and sets out on the road to Emain Macha where he hopes to meet Conor MacNessa.  After a lonely and often dangerous journey he finally arrives at Emain Macha.  There Conor proclaims him as his foster son and he joins the Macra. Our story ends when Setanta kills the hound of Culann and becomes “Cúchulainn”. 

Itinerary 2020:

  • January 13th-17th     Kerry

  • January 20th-24th     Monaghan/Cavan

  • January 27th-31st     Meath/Louth

  • February 3rd-7th      Clare

  • February 10th-14th  Wexford/Waterford

  • Feb 23rd-Apr 3rd      Cork

  • Apr 20th-May 1st      Greater Leinster area

  • May 4th - 29th          Dublin

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Our story of Cúchulainn begins after the death of Culann’s hound. Cúchulainn takes up arms in Conor’s fort and quickly becomes one of the most feared warriors of the Red Branch Knights. After he is finished his training there, he sets out to Loughlochta Loga, the home of Forgall Manach, to meet his future wife Emer. Before he marries Emer, he travels to Scotland to train with the legendary woman warrior Scáthach in the art of war. There he fights a battle with Scáthach’s arch enemy Aoife and meets up with his lifelong friend Ferdia. He returns to Ireland and marries Emer. Exciting adventures with Uagh the Giant and many others befall Cúchulainn before one of the greatest events in the history of the Red Branch Knights occurs. Meabh, Queen of Connacht wants the Brown Bull of Cooley and only Cúchulainn can stop her. Our story finally ends when Cúchulainn kills his best friend at the Battle of the Ford. 



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                  Deirdre of the Sorrows


Our story begins before the birth of Deirdre when Cathbad the druid predicts that she will grow up to be a beautiful girl but that sorrow and death will follow her wherever she goes. When Deirdre is born she is taken away to a secret place where she is reared by the nurse Levercham. She grows up to be a beautiful girl and is seen one day by Conor MacNessa, King of Ulster who decides to take her as his wife. Before that can happen Deirdre meets Naoise, one of the sons of Usnach and falls in love with him. She persuades Naoise to take her away from Conor and they are forced to go into hiding. Conor pursues them and after many exciting adventures they are exiled to Scotland. They live there under the protection of the King of Scotland until he too wants Deirdre for his wife. Deirdre and Naoise then go to live on Loch Eitche near the sea. Conor MacNessa sends word to Deirdre and Naoise declaring that he has forgiven Naoise, asking them to come back to Emain Macha and guaranteeing their safety. They return to Ireland but Conor does not keep his promise and our story ends with the death of Naoise and his brothers at Emain Macha.


              Oisin in Tir na nOg


Our story begins one day as Oisín, his father Fionn MacCumhal and friend Caoilte are hunting the stag in Loch Léine in the county of Kerry. From out of the mists comes a white horse carrying Niamh of the Golden Hair. She entreats Oisín to come back with her to Tír na nÓg and despite Fionn’s protestations Oisín gets up on the white horse and goes with Niamh to Tír na nÓg. They meet many strange people on the journey but finally get to Tír na nÓg where they are married. In Tír na nÓg Oisín meets many exciting characters, some that he could not possibly ever imagined existed. One day he hears that Cliodhna, daughter of the King of the Land of Virtue is being held prisoner in the Land of the Giants. He goes there and after a great struggle he defeats the giant Fomor. After some years in Tír na nÓg, Oisín wishes to return to Erin and see his family again. Niamh begs him not to go but Oisín leaves. She gives him the White Horse to go back but warns him that if he gets off the horse he will turn into an old man. Oisín promises Niamh that he won’t get off and heads for Erin. When he gets there he can find no trace of Fionn or the Fianna and while helping some people to move a huge stone Oisín falls from his horse and turns into an old man. 

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              Diarmuid and Grainne


The story begins in the great hall of Tara as Gráinne prepares for her wedding to Fionn MacCumhal. However when she sees him and realizes he is older than her father she knows she cannot marry him. She then sees Diarmuid O’ Duibhne and is immediately taken by him. She puts a spell on Fiomm and the Fianna and asks Diarmuid to take her away. He is reluctant to do so but she puts a geis on him and they both leave. They journey towards the Shannon having many adventures and meeting some strange creatures on the way. They find a resting place in Doire da Both but are found there by Fionn and the Fianna. After a long battle and with the help of Aenghus Óg, Diarmuid and Gráinne escape. They move on and are befriended by a fighter named Muadhan who stays with them for some time. Fionn meantime has sent the three Scottish Kings of Muirnelocht after them and they catch up with Diarmuid. After a great battle he defeats all three and escapes. He finally reaches the Rowan Tree of Dubhros where he meets the giant Searbhan Lochlannach. Eventually Aenghus Óg persuades Fionn to make peace with Diarmuid and Gráinne and they go to Keshcorran to live. Then one night after a feast given by Gráinne and attended by Fionn, Diarmuid goes to Ben Bulben where he is confronted by the Wild Boar of Ben Bulben and there our story ends…


  Young Fionn Mac Cumhaill


Our story begins with the baby Fionn being taken to safety in the Slieve Bloom mountains by his nurse Bodhmall after his father Cumhal had been killed by Goll McMorna. We then follow Fionn as he grows to manhood, through many adventures, including his meeting with Brian the Poet, Fiacúil the Thief, the Kings of Carraighe and Fionntráigh and his Uncle Crimall. We relive his exploits with Finegas and the Salmon of Knowledge and finally his encounter with Conn of the Hundred battles and Fionn’s reclaiming of his birthright.     

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